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Men's Designer Inspired Colognes

We have nearly one hundred men’s scents to choose from from Creed to Hugo Boss – and in all of the comparison tests we’ve done, no one has been able to tell the difference between the designer and the dupe! 

For a limited time, fragrances are only $5.00 each for registered wholesalers (you must be logged in to see wholesale price). Must buy by the case – 24 100ml bottles per case.

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As you can see, buying for $5 and selling for $10 is a 100% return on investment. And the customer saves over 90% off the real deal so it’s a win/win. We have no MSRP restrictions, so you can set the prices at whatever you choose. In fact, most of our customers resell these fragrances for $20-$25 per bottle and consistently reorder every month!

Please note that these are not knockoffs, replicas or counterfeits. All fragrances actually have their own scent name and bottle shape (albeit similar), thus they are “inspired by”.

We currently do not sell perfume test strips which are nice for your customers to sample the scents, but we get our for pennies on either Temu.com or Amazon.comclick here to buy.

We also recommend these refillable portable perfume spray bottles which you can get at Temu.com for under $1 each shipped – click here for the video we made on how they work. These make a great “free with purchase” special offer or you can upsell them.

We offer free delivery within 150 mile radius of zip code 68767 with a $500 or more purchase or contact us to arrange freight. So if you are looking for more great deals, check out:

You can also pick up your order at our warehouse located near Pierce, Nebraska with no minimum purchase amount required.

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