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Everest Fitness

Everest Fitness Medium Density Foam Roller

Everest Fitness Medium Density Foam Roller

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Experience the rejuvenating benefits of EVEREST FITNESS foam rollers, designed to assist in restoring the optimal length-tension relationship of your muscles. By engaging multiple muscle groups, these foam rollers facilitate joint motion while reducing tightness to promote a balanced distribution of forces around your joints. This aids in alleviating soreness post-exercise, expediting the recovery process. Not only do foam rollers stretch muscles and tendons, but they also enhance blood flow and circulation throughout the body, promoting overall organ and tissue health.


  • Ideal for physical therapy and muscle relaxation
  • Targets tension, corrects posture damage, and mitigates improper loads
  • Supports the training and regeneration of fascia tissue
  • Includes convenient storage bag
  • Dimensions: 11-13/16" x 5-7/8"
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