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Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels Flight Path Challenge

Hot Wheels Flight Path Challenge

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Explore the exciting world of science and racing with the Hot Wheels® Action STEAM Trajectory playset. This innovative toy combines thrilling car action with valuable STEM learning, allowing kids to discover the science of trajectories while having a blast with their Hot Wheels® cars.

Experiment with different jump angles and speeds as you aim to hit the high score. With three launch angles of 15°, 35°, or 50°, kids can adjust and fine-tune their jumps to achieve maximum distance and accuracy. Send cars through the corkscrew and watch them soar towards the scoring targets for an exhilarating experience.

Designed for compatibility with other Hot Wheels® tracks, this playset offers endless possibilities for creative racing setups and configurations. Plus, with its convenient breakdown feature, it's easy to store and transport, making it perfect for on-the-go fun.

Complete with one Hot Wheels® car, the Hot Wheels® Action STEAM Trajectory playset is suitable for kids ages 6 and up. Whether they're learning about physics or engaging in imaginative play, this playset promises hours of entertainment and discovery.

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