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ORG 7.6 gallon Pull-Out Under-Cabinet Trash Can

ORG 7.6 gallon Pull-Out Under-Cabinet Trash Can

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Streamline your waste management with our hidden under-counter trash can, designed for convenience and efficiency. Maximize your kitchen space while keeping your trash easily accessible yet out of plain sight.

Crafted with ball bearing slides, this trash can ensures a smooth glide with each motion, making retrieval effortless. The convenient access handle further simplifies the process, allowing for quick and easy trash disposal.

Equipped with a liner featuring a bag tuck band, securing your trash bags in place has never been easier. Simply grab the excess bag slack after installation and tuck it underneath the rubber band for a secure fit.

Easy to install and requiring minimal cabinet dimensions of 17″ x 12″ x 21″, this trash can is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to streamlined waste management with our under-counter trash can.

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