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Slipstick 2" Furniture Risers - 4 Pack

Slipstick 2" Furniture Risers - 4 Pack

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Experience the ultimate in furniture elevation with Slipstick® risers, designed to bring comfort and functionality to any living space. Engineered with rubber gripping points to protect floors and featuring a recessed memory-foam top, these risers provide a secure and comfortable lift for beds, couches, desks, and armchairs. Not only do they elevate furniture, but they also create valuable storage space underneath while promoting ergonomic sit-to-stand transitions.

With robust support for furniture legs ranging from 1.25" to 3" in diameter and an impressive weight capacity of up to 2,000 lb, these risers offer unmatched practicality and durability. Elevate your furniture effortlessly and enhance your living experience with Slipstick® risers.

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